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MiDo Srl tecnologie per l'energia

The MiDo fits in the field of companies that operate in the green economy through the development of "Smart Metering" applications, solutions and services, machine-to-machine provided in cloud computing, for monitoring and management of production and distribution of energy (water , gas, etc.) with the purpose of reducing energy costs in general and to contribute to the realization of the smart cities and not only... MiDo has an experience of over 10 years of: design and execution of firmware embedded systems and web Development at electronic and information systems.

The MiDo is a company which reflects the experience gained by Ing. Miriam Surro and Ing. Domenico Lamboglia, both computer engineers, passionate about technology and electronics, have embarked on their professional path since 1998. During their years of experience they ranged in various IT sectors electronics engineering by developing information systems and web-oriented applications. Then business skills have been extended to the development of applications for the management of sensor networks, embedded systems and the development of M2M monitoring systems.

also obtained the Italian Patent and filed the PCT at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)


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