Remote Reading Systems and Monitoring domestic and industrial Energy

  • Easy To Use
  • Self Powered
  • Connectivity
  • Integrity
  • Tailor Made
  • Our products are plug&play, they can be easily installed without specialized staff.

  • It ensures a duration of up to 10 years without the need to connect to the electricity network.

  • Our solutions include the SIM for connectivity relieved from the burden of charging for additional contracts.

  • Our solutions are complete also by cloud computing, freeing up from further management software.

  • Our services are tailored to the needs of our customers.

Save energy and Save life

Check your consumption, save energy and protect your future with our monitoring and remote reading of energy systems.

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MiDo offers Smart Metering Systems

The MiDo is the ideal choice for the remote reading and monitoring of consumption such as water, gas, power and heat. The MiDo products help reduce the physical and administrative losses that make up costs and lost earnings, meet the growing need for remote management systems for the supply and consumption monitoring.

Wireless Remote Reading System and the Energy Consumption Monitoring

The MiDo products are based on an innovative range of devices at low cost and with longer range, that will produce remarkable recovery of natural resources and an economic return.

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